THG’s North Hills Prep participates in flag football, basketball, softball, and soccer leagues. Our emphasis is on participation, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Most of the activities are co-educational.

Council is an activity unique to THG’s North Hills Prep. Based on Native American tradition, it gives students an opportunity to come together and express themselves in a safe manner and environment. Emphasis is placed on listening without judgment, exploring personal truth, and universal understanding.

Science Fair
THG’s North Hills Prep’s annual Spring Science Fair offers students the opportunity to display their knowledge and creativity and educate the rest of us on specific topics in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science

Community Service
THG’s North Hills Prep students are expected to perform community service annually as part of their promotion or graduation requirement.

     Seniors         20 hours
     Juniors          15 hours
     Sophomores  10 hours
     Freshmen       5 hours
     Jr. High          5 hours

Service Learning
To expand our students’ sense of connection to the community and the world at large, Service Learning Projects are developed in each homeroom. Students with individual passions will be allowed to develop an Individual Service Learning Project. Classroom activities will expand the students’ knowledge base of the issue or community need they’ve selected. Each class project and individual student project will be presented to the entire student body at the conclusion of the school year. Service Learning Projects typically involve the students volunteering their time off or on campus, or doing fundraising for a specific cause. All school districts have implemented a Service Learning component to the graduation requirements. Graduating seniors must complete their hours in order to receive their diploma.

Student Leadership
Leadership is an important element to the THGNHP campus. Interested students gather to form the Student Cabinet, holding elections for officers. They discuss issues on campus, participate as a committee for the Western Association for Schools and Colleges, and plan school wide events.

Each year students have the opportunity to participate in various clubs and come together with peers of like interests. Anime Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, Literary Club, Hiking and Zoology Clubs are just some of the lunch-time clubs offered at THGNHP.

THG’s North Hills Prep creates an annual digital yearbook, available at the end of the school year. Yearbook is a semester class where students get the practice of bringing together photography, graphic arts, and text in a meaningful way, documenting the people and events of the school year.

Field Trips
Field Trips include both educational and “reward” excursions into the community. Over the past few years, North Hills Prep has taken students to the Aquarium of the Pacific, The Museum of Tolerance, the Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles County Art Museum, California Museum of Science, as well as to restaurants and movies.

Special Presentations
THG’s North Hills Prep also contracts with guest speakers during the school year. Typically we have provided speakers on the topics of safe sex, drug and alcohol abuse, and developing the ability to make positive, healthy choices.