Parent Association

Back to School Night
Parents are introduced to the school and their student’s teachers. In-person communication is a good way to start the year so that relationships are established. Teachers present their syllabi to parents and explain coursework, class policies, and other expectations. Parents can request appointments with the teacher for further discussion throughout the year.

Spring Showcase
Each spring, THG’s North Hills Prep presents its annual Spring Showcase. It is an opportunity for our students to showcase their amazing talents in a variety of areas. Student science experiments (including animal dissections), artwork, photography, music, and poetry are displayed. In addition, counselors present seminars on relevant topics (AD/HD and its treatment, psychotropic medication, and handling challenges to authority, among others) that might be useful to parenting today’s students. Workability and Department of Rehabilitation programs are on hand to offer information on their programs.

Parent 2 Parent
The Help Group offers a monthly meeting to connect parents with other parents and share successes and challenges in supporting young adults in their transition to increase independence. Interested parents should contact Advance LA at 818-779-5198 or for more information go to

The Help Group Annual Summit
The Help Group Annual Summit takes place each fall and hosts renowned professionals to discuss advances and best practices in the area of autism, learning disabilities, and ADHD. For more information contact The Help Group at 877-943-5747.

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The Help Group’s Facebook page offers updates on its programs and upcoming events. Go to