THG’s North Hills Prep School can accommodate students with varying academic abilities and aspirations. The maximum class size is 14 students per teacher. Most classes have a qualified Teaching Assistant to work with the teacher.  Our teachers are well-versed on instructional methodology and tailor presentations and assignments to accommodate different learning styles—auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Like all aspects of North Hills Prep, our teachers use their relationships with students to maximize focus, motivation, and productivity.

High School Graduation Requirements:
Graduation requirements vary by district.  It is important for students and parents to be aware of the graduation requirements for their particular district.  Students and parents may consult with Frank Shapiro, Head of School, to get this information.  Los Angeles Unified School District has different requirements for the school years between 2013 and 2017, so it's important to know the year of graduation (always 4 years after the original high school start date) and the exact requirements for that year.
Class of 2014-15
     English                          4 years (40 credits)
     College Prep Mathematics         2 years (20 credits)
     Social Studies                   3 years (30 credits)
     Laboratory Science               2 years (20 credits)
     Health                           1 semester (5 credits)
     Physical Education               2 years (20 credits)
     Applied Technology               1 year (10 credits)
     Visual and Performing Arts       1 year (10 credits)
Total Credits-Core Curriculum                  155 credits

            Elective Credits                          Must total 75 credits

Total Credits                                              230 credits

Additional Requirements
        Foreign Language             2 years of same foreign language for college
        Community Service          50 hours (5 hours for 9th ,10 for 10th,
                                                     15 for 11th, 20 for 12th)
        Transition Services\           4 years
         Service Learning

Class of 2016 and Beyond*

     A.  Social Studies                  3 years (30 credits)
          World History; US History; Government; Economics
     B. English 4 years (40 credits) C. Mathematics             3 years (30 credits) (Algebra 1; Geometry; Algebra 2) D. Science           2 years (20 credits) Biology; Chemistry or Physics E. Language other than English 2 years (20 credits) F. Visual and Performing Arts 1 year (10 credits)
G. Advanced College Prep Core Electives 1 year (10 credits)
        3rd-year Science, 3rd-year Language
     Health                           1 semester (5 credits)
     Physical Education               2 years (20 credits
     Elective Credits      25 credits Total Credits                    210 credits

Additional Requirements
        Community Service          50 hours (5 hours for 9th ,10 for 10th,
                                                     15 for 11th, 20 for 12th)
        Transition Services\           4 years
         Service Learning

*If your child resides within a district other than LAUSD, please consult with your district representative for detailed graduation requirements.

The most selective colleges in the United States have the expectation that students will take the “Magic 20” courses in high school, that is, four years of course work in each of the five major areas of study. These include English, foreign language, mathematics, science, and social studies. As a college preparatory school, North Hills Prep School believes that students should be aware of that expectation.

THG’s North Hills Prep’s electives change, but several are offered regularly, including Culinary Arts; World Languages (American Sign and Spanish); Guitar; Music Ensemble; Music Appreciation; Performance; Photography; Computer Graphics and Animation; Art; Film Production; and Desktop Publishing.

Developmental Reading
Our Developmental Reading program is designed to assist students whose decoding and comprehension abilities fall below the norm for their grade level. Since reading ability is central to student success, it is important that this skill be addressed as early as possible. Students referred to this program are assessed to determine skill level and areas of need, then are placed in either one-period or two-period programs.

Tutoring is available at Nutrition, Lunch, and under certain circumstances after school between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Homework Page
THG’s North Hills Prep’s Homework Page is an invaluable tool for parents to keep up with their student’s assignments. Accessed through a link on the NHP website, it is updated at least weekly by teachers. Parents can follow topics covered in class each week and view student’s assignments.

THG’s North Hills Prep encourages communication between home and school. In addition to the Website and homework page, teachers and staff are available through email. THG’s North Hills Prep’s staff responds to communication within 24 hours. In addition, the Director of Administration & Enrichment, Head of School, and the Director of Student Development are always available by phone.

In addition to traditional Report Cards at the Quarter and Semester, THG’s North Hills Prep provides parents with bi-weekly progress reports. We have found this helps the school, the student, and parents monitor student progress more closely and effectively, and gives the student frequent feedback to help ensure that performance is leading towards passing grades.