Visual & Performing Arts

Mentor: Chrystal Smith
      Artistic expression – and its appreciation – will always be a crucial aspect of the human experience. Unfortunately, over the past few decades, school programs facing budgetary considerations have often chosen to sacrifice the arts, denying students the opportunity to express themselves artistically and build their creative and performance skills.
   THGNHP has a long history of attracting students with artistic talent and students who have found creative expression to be both energizing and therapeutic. In fact, many students who otherwise would not have attended school have done so because of the arts education available to them. The THGNHP’s Academy of Visual & Performing Arts calls to those students with drawing, painting, and musical or dramatic interests, abilities and aspirations.
   Students will learn and practice various elements of design and style; an awareness of historical trends and developments; the ability to describe, analyze, interpret, and judge a work of art or music; and competence in their own artistic and musical work. Graduates with a Visual & Performing Arts emphasis will be well prepared to further their education at the college level or enter the work world in the areas of children’s enrichment programs, photography, advertising, music, art, museums, and teaching.