Information Technology & Media

Mentors: Harry Hendrickson - Digital Media        Wayne Martin - Film - Final Cut Pro 
    How much our world has changed over the past generation! How much it continues to change year-by-year! 20 years ago the personal computer was a luxury item and the Internet was an idea. 10 years ago the words Google, Facebook, and YouTube were not in our vocabulary. Today rarely a day goes by when all of us don’t use or look at all three. Wikipedia has replaced Encyclopedia Britannica; Amazon has replaced music, book, and clothing stores. We can only wonder what comes next!
   THGNHP’s Academy of Information Technology and Media addresses the technological and digital world we live in and the possibilities for information exchange and artistic expression available. In addition to basic training in computer hardware and software, students will develop their knowledge of often-used Microsoft and Adobe programs as they build skills and a portfolio of work in film (Final Cut Pro), animation (Light Wave), and graphic design. The use of industry standard software prepares students for employment post-graduation.
   Completion of the Information Technology and Media Academy program prepares students for various pursuits both academically and professionally.