Culinary Arts & Industries

Mentors:   Leah Ong
      Over the past decade, Culinary Arts has become an increasing popular field. With the growth of the Food Network and hit shows like Top Chef, food preparation has become a high-profile profession and has gained credibility and interest among America’s youth. Cooking, baking, food preparation and food service are taking their place in the national consciousness as a means for combining creative and practical skills.
     THGNHP’s Academy of Culinary Arts and Industries provides students with broad exposure and experience in the foods industry. Students will gain knowledge of health and safety issues and health department regulations; develop an understanding of food service instruments and measurement techniques; establish familiarity with dietary and nutritional terms and concepts; practice in the various types of food preparation; and broaden their perspective of cuisine as a cultural phenomenon. Students completing the THGNHP Culinary Arts Academy will be well-prepared to continue their education at a cooking school or enter the work world in the restaurant, catering, and hospitality areas.